There is a lot more to docking a boat than lowering and raising an anchor. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that their choice of anchor winch impacts docking directly. You should choose the right anchor winch for your vessel to make the most challenging anchoring situations convenient and safe. Therefore, boaters need to look for certain things when buying an anchor winch. Read on to find out they are.

Boat Displacement 

One of the most critical factors you must consider when buying an anchor winch is boat displacement. How much water does a vessel displace, and how high does the water go above the hull? For example, boats with a rounded hull displace a lot of water since they occupy a large surface area. If you buy a chain anchor winch, it adds to a boat's total weight and displaces a lot of water, some of which finds its way into the vessel. For this reason, it is advisable to buy a rope anchor winch instead of a chain one. On the other hand, a chain-based anchor winch works well on boats with low water displacement.

Anchoring Conditions 

The condition of a sea is another aspect to look at before buying an anchor winch. For instance, if you often dock in relatively still waters, you can purchase a rope-based anchor winch because there is little chance of damage. However, you cannot rely on the same anchor winch if you anchor in rough waters because a rope does not last long. A chain-based anchor winch is ideal because it can endure the beating of strong tides. Most boaters prefer to buy a chain anchor winch because they are usable in different water conditions.

Anchor Winch Power 

The mechanism for raising and lowering an anchor winch can be manual, electric or hydraulic. Whichever you choose depends on various factors such as safety, energy and the power output of a vessel. For example, although a manually operated anchor winch is less expensive and easy to install, it requires human effort. Therefore, you should only install such an anchor winch if you are prepared to do the heavy lifting. Conversely, an electric anchor winch is relatively expensive and requires expert installation. The upside is that you can operate it with the touch of a button or a pedal. An electric anchor winch derives power from an engine. A hydraulic anchor winch is arguably the most energy-efficient; however, it needs a central hydraulic system, making it the perfect choice for large boats.

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