For beginners, buying a dirt bike can be a tough ask given the many makes and models available in the market. Experts recommend that beginners should try out a few bikes before choosing their preferred type. Before selecting a dirt bike, you should bear in mind a few useful factors including level of experience, budget, engine type, and bike size, among others. This article offers a guide to first-timers when choosing a dirt bike.

Engine Type 

Dirt bikes come in two different engine configurations, namely 2-stroke and 4-stroke. The difference between the two engines comes in how fast the fuel combustion process occurs based on the movement of pistons. In a 4-stroke engine, piston takes two strokes per revolution while the fuel combustion cycle is completed in one stroke in a 2-stroke engine. Although louder, 2-stroke bikes are easy to maintain and rebuild. Also, such bikes are lighter compared to 4-stroke bikes, let alone their agility when riding. If you need more torque, then you should go for a 4-stroke dirt bike. Although the engine needs regular maintenance compared to 2-stroke engines, a 4-stroke bike can offer you a longer lifespan. Therefore, you should consider all the above factors before choosing between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine.

Bike Size

The size of the dirt bike should depend on three main things: a rider's height, weight, and experience. Assess your riding experience because it is a significant factor when sizing the right dirt bike for your needs. A big powerful bike will probably be suitable for experienced riders because of the stamina, skill, and strength required. A small bike is suitable for less experienced riders because of the ease of maneuvering and control. When it comes to height and weight, a good rule of thumb is that a rider's feet should touch the ground when mounted on a dirt bike. Note that a bike's suspension system should support a rider's weight with ease while ensuring comfort.

Riding Purpose

Prospective dirt bike buyers should know the type of dirt biking that they plan to be doing. Will you be racing on tracks or will the bike be used for riding on woods, trails, and dunes? If you want a trail-oriented bike, opt for one with more torque but less maximum speed. Besides, the suspension system for trail-oriented dirt bikes should be top-notch to provide a smooth ride and proper handling. For race tracks, you need something with a higher maximum speed, but light in weight.

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