If you've had a windfall or finally saved up enough cash to buy a motor boat, then you may be torn between buying a new or used model. While buying secondhand has some benefits, buying a new motor boat can be a better option, especially if you've never owned a boat before. Why?

1. Get Exactly What You Want

If you've been dreaming of owning a boat for years, then your first boat is special. You probably already know what you want, right down to interior colour schemes and fittings.

If you decide to buy a secondhand boat, then you may not get exactly what you want. You may have to compromise on some features to get others. Even a boat that is a good fit for your overall needs, it may be missing something. This takes a little gloss off the purchase.

However, if you buy a new boat, then you usually get more control. Even stock motor boats often come with feature options; if the boat is purpose built to your specifications, then you can make the boat look and work like you want it to.  

2. Get a Boat That Is Ready to Go

If you don't have a lot of experience with boats, then it's hard to pick a used model that is in tip-top condition. You can arrange to have the boat checked over but still may have little hiccups when you try to take it out for the first time.

If the boat needs work, then you'll have to sort this out before you can use it. It may need mechanical repairs or tweaks, or you may simply want it cleaned or repainted. This all takes time.

If you buy a new boat, then it should be ready to go as soon as you are. It will be in prime shape and looking good.

3. Get a Longer Warranty

If you buy a used boat from a private seller, then you aren't likely to get any warranty cover on the boat. If the boat is still within its original warranty, you may be able to transfer this, but older boats are often sold without any guarantees.

Even if you buy a boat from a dealer and get a warranty from them, this may not last long. It isn't likely to cover all the options that a manufacturer's guarantee will. If you buy a new boat, then you get warranty cover from day one. Your boat will get cover for longer if something does go wrong.

To find out more about buying new motor boats and the options open to you, visit local boat dealers.