For many people, ageing is a scary process, and the sight of every new grey hair brings with it a fresh wave of discontent about the future. However, it does not have to be like this, and when people embrace becoming older, they often find it liberating. Often called a midlife crisis, this initial stage of splurging on extravagant items and expensive holidays can also have long-term benefits if you are smart about what you buy. Here are some things you should consider buying during your midlife crisis, that will have longer-lasting benefits than just the initial feeling of euphoria. 

Jet Skis

Now, a jet ski may seem like it belongs on the more irrational side of midlife crisis purchases, but in reality, it is much more sensible than it appears. First of all, jet skis are much less expensive than other boats and give you a similar sensation that will let you know if you truly like being out on the water and if you should buy a bigger boat. It is also very easy to learn how to operate a jet ski (although you will need a licence to use it), and it gives you far more of a thrill to drive than all but the fastest of speedboats. Perhaps the biggest benefit of purchasing a jet ski instead of a boat is the storage, as mooring a boat can cost you thousands every year. Jet skis are much easier to transport and store, which means that even if you only use it a few times a year it won't be an active drain on your savings. 

Sky Diving

Perhaps the most famous of extreme sports, sky diving is a very popular activity for those really looking to release their inhibitions. Booking a sky diving jump can help you confront your fears about mortality head-on through an incredibly breathtaking and unique experience. The reason for doing it during your midlife crisis is twofold, the first being that, while it is on many people's bucket lists, it is often left too late, and health conditions can prevent you from getting it done. Secondly, you will find out once and for all if you are an adrenaline junky, and, if you find out you are, this will open up a whole new area of activities and adventures to explore. 


While spending your hard-earned money is a fun pursuit during your midlife crisis, the best way you can possibly maximise your midlife crisis is by analysing where you stand in the hearts of the people you most care about. If you haven't been particularly attentive to your social life and have ignored loyal friends or family members due to work, then this is your chance to finally bridge that gap and enjoy their company once again. It is never too late to reconnect, but it is also never early enough, as once people mend old wounds and neglected egos they generally find that they are annoyed with themselves for being so obstinate in the first place.