There are a number of reasons you may need to call on a company for diesel marine engine services. Problems can occur out of the blue, or happen gradually over time. The longer your boat is on the water, the more problems it could start to experience. Salt water is a corrosive substance and needs to be treated with caution in order to protect your pride and joy and keep her sailing happily on the high seas for many years to come. Here we'll look at ways you can keep your engine working at optimum performance and when you might want to call on the professional expertise of diesel marine engine services. 

Keep A Clean Engine

Dirt, dust, grime and brine—these are all common enemies of the diesel marine engine and need to be kept at bay as much as possible. Each one on its own is enough to cost you dearly in time, money and frustration, and so prevention is definitely better than cure in this instance. All engines need three things to be clean in order to operate at their best: clean fuel, clean air and clean oil. 

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

When you have clean air flowing through your engine, it can really help with compression performance. The air filter in your engine is responsible for purifying air and ensuring it runs through your engine as cleanly as possible. Checking the air filters regularly will ensure this air stays as sweet as possible. You should aim to change air filters at least once a year. 

Check For Contaminated Fuel

90% of all problems with diesel marine engine services are due to fuel contamination. Bacteria, dirt and water can all contaminate fuel and could kill your engine dead when you least expect. There are a number of things you can do to keep your fuel squeaky clean. Treating your fuel tank with a diesel soluble biocide will help to keep bacteria at bay. Also check that your fuel cap and gasket is sealed tight and in good condition. This will prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering your fuel tank. 

Ensure Regular Oil Changes

Even if you top up oil regularly, it is the old oil that could cause a problem. For this reason you should arrange an oil change as regularly as specified in your user manual. There are many diesel marine engine services that can help you with this task so that you get the best performance out of your engine.